Vivamus Senior Care

Home care assistance from trained professionals

At Vivamus Senior Care, we genuinely care for the well being of all of our clients.  With that in mind, we hire the best, and most competent caregivers in the field. We take pride in training them with our core values, and make sure they maintain their training- helping you, in your home.

Wellness Care

At Vivamus Senior Care, We understand the significance of a wellness check. Our highly trained and competent caregivers will stop by your home to check in to see how your day is going. We will make sure that the client has eaten a meal and has had their medication reminder. We can also, provide more specific requests, as needed. 


We also, provide companionship services, We recognize the importance of being in good company. Our caregiver provide emotional and physical companionship while easing the hard ships that come with the days ahead.

Health Reminders

Health reminders are an important part of our day.  They keep us going, and keep us strong.  We like to make sure that our clients are reminded to take their medications and maintain activity inside their homes.


Providing assistance with bed baths, showers, grooming, and shaving is part of our loved one's lives.  At Vivamus, we take pride at providing dignity, and helping our clients with promotion of independence as we are carrying out these daily tasks.

Physical Assistance

It is part of our Golden Years to require some assistance using assistive devices.  Our expert caregivers execute the right body mechanics and provide "hands on" guidance around our client's homes.

Non-Medical Care

At Vivamus Senior Care, Our true purpose is providing  Non-Medical care to our clients. We will help promote independence and assist with tasks of daily living to help maintain integrity and Independence during your Best Years.

To learn more about our services, give us a call: (312) 343-9362